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Natcher Elementary staff strives to meet the needs of all students to give them a strong foundation to be college and career ready in the future.




Reading and Math Instruction:



  • Primary students in Kindergarten through third grade receive 90 minutes of core reading instruction and 60 minutes of core math instruction. 
  • Intermediate students in grades 4-6 receive 60 minutes of core instruction in both reading and math.

Response to Intervention in Reading and Math:

  • All grade levels receive 30 additional minutes of both supplemental reading and math daily.  This includes intervention for struggling students, extra practice, and extension for those students who have already mastered the skills. 
  • Teachers flexibly group students based on unit assessments to determine which students need which groups.  
  • Title 1 reading and math intervention teachers and teaching assistants service struggling students in smaller group settings who need intervention.

Click HERE to view the Common Core Standards for English Language Arts and Math

Science, Social Studies, Writing Instruction:

  • Primary students receive instruction in these areas integrated within the Scott Foresman Reading Series used daily in reading class.
  • Intermediate students receive instruction daily in these areas as a core class and/or also integrated within other classes.

Related Arts Classes:


  • Students daily attend a 45-minute special area class.  
  • These classes include instruction in art, music, physical education, library, and computer skills.  
  • Students also may visit the library any day with permission from their teacher.
  • The guidance counselor offers small group and individual counseling as needed as well as support for SEL instruction.

Practical Living and Vocational Life Skills:


Natcher Elementary provides a clean, orderly learning environment characterized by mutual respect and high standards. Social skills are addressed the following ways:

  • Students are taught four expectations for success.  Our Guidelines for Success are: be responsible, be respectful, be a team player, and be willing to learn.
  • We start our day with short, student led, announcements featuring our habit of the week.  Once a week we also meet as a school community, in the gym, to celebrate birthdays and other student achievements. We teach citizenship daily by reciting together the Pledge of Allegiance and our Guidelines for Success.
  • Ron Clark’s 55 Essential Rules for Success and Stephen Covey’s Leader in Me Program, are being used to teach and reinforce manners and important social skills.
  • Guidance classes focus on issues such as character building, self-esteem, bullying, and other important topics essential for students to grow and develop.
  • A safe environment for our students to learn is our priority.  Our Student Teacher Assistance Team is an instructional discipline team created to address the needs of all students by using a positive, proactive approach with children based on the Positive Behavior Supports Framework through the Kentucky’s Center for Instructional Discipline.